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Important Update on China Visa Fee!

Effective as of August 1, 2007, the Chinese Consulate is increasing their visa processing fee to a flat rate of $100/person. Click here for the official notice on the Chinese consulate website.





8th China International Knitwear Expo

& China International Hotel-Use Textile Expo

China Knitwears & Cotton Fabric Trade Fair is the longest , biggest and most influent special exhibition of Knitwears & Cotton Fabric Trade in China.

Besides the Expo, we provide
Custom Beijing Tours

according to your interest and your Expo schedule.





12-Day Chinese Wudang Kung Fu Tour

Wudang Kung Fu is a special internal martial arts in China and enjoys the same reputation with Shaolin Kung Fu in Chinese Kung Fu field. Therefore it comes the popular saying “Shaolin wushu (Martial art) is the best in the north, while Wudang wushu is the best in the south”.


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