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Corporate, Government, School or Personal Training

Need Chinese language training or teaching?

We can help!

BBM Langauge Services provide top-quality, results-driven
training or teaching in occupational Chinese and cross-cultural issues.


We can come to you!

BBM Langauge Services will send qualified trainer / teacher to provide "in-house" training to the locale(s) of your choice, or we can provide online training thereby eliminating high travel costs for your staff / students.


We can customize training!

If none of our existing programs fits your needs, BBM Langauge Services can work with you to develop a customized Chinese language and/or cross-cultural training program specifically for your company, government agency or school.

Service Formats

  • Online or Offline
  • One-on-One
  • Small Group (2-5 People)
  • Large Group (6+ People)

For more information about how we can provide training / teaching services to you, please contact us with a description of your Chinese language and/or cross-cultural training needs.

Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese Calligraphy is an art of Chinese writing. It's as old as the culture itself. Students are taught language system of writing, which is an important key to understanding and appreciating Chinese art, history and culture. Knowledge of Chinese or brush technique are not required. Today, Chinese calligraphy is still considered an elegant art form and is practiced in neighboring countries such as Japan and Korea.
(10 Sessions for Classes; 1 Session for Workshop)

Trip to China

Stay with a host family in Beijing, Shanghai and Kunming, make new friends, visit exciting places, all this while practicing your Chinese everyday. It allows anyone who is over 16 to experience real China by enjoying carefully selected home-stay and local tours in China. We provide 4 Weeks to 6 Months Program.

Call or email us to find out more about this exciting trip!!



Children / Teen Program

The younger the children start to learn a foreign language, the easier it is to master the language. We teach children Chinese with picture books, games and music that makes learning Chinese effective and fun! Learning Chinese with us can be one of the best investments you make in your children's future.

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With a goal to advance the Tea Lifestyle of relaxation and healthy living, we started the Tea Service - Chinese Tea Ceremony, Chinese Tea Party and Chinese Tea Workshop.

Reservation is required

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The Chinese lessons I took from you were clear, and well prepared. They were easy to learn, and still left room to be challenging. The support was impeccable--you answered all questions and customized the lessons to my needs. I felt that I had a good teacher, a person who really cared for my progress.

-- Gary Carbone


We partner with Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU), a famous university both domestically and internationally, first-class equipment and faculty of teaching Chinese as a second language, the exclusive university in
China which can provide online degree accreditation
in the field.


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