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Sling Bag

Slightly embossed woven pattern on brocade surface with rich
sheen. Perfect to hold gift certificate, passort, pocket change, jewelries...

Size: 8" x 6"
Price: $9.99



Brocade Pillow Covers with Zipper

Slightly woven pattern on brocade, adorned with poem and symbols
of "fortune", "longevity" and ancient horse-drawn carriage.

Size: 16.5" x 16.5"
Price: $12.95



Chinese Inside Painted Snuff Bottle - The Great Wall
Size: 3.25" x 1.75"
Price: $45.00

100% Hand painted.





Chinese Inside Painted Snuff Bottle - Cats
Size: 3.25" x 1.75"
Price: $45.00

100% Hand painted.





Chinese Inside Painted Snuff Bottle - Cranes
Size: 3.25" x 1.75"
Price: $45.00

100% Hand painted.



Outside - Inside
Calligraphy Tool Box 
The Calligraphy Tool Box Contains:
3 writing brush, ink stick, stone, brush holder, water container, water spoon, name seal and seal ink.

Price: $48.00


Chinese Calligraphy Paper
(also called Xuan Paper or Rice

natural or red (with and without gold specks)             Size: 26" x 52"

Hand made Rice Paper in Jinxian, Anhui -- The place making paper for ink brush painting for thousands of years. Compare to machine pressed paper, these paper has super absorbancy and consistancy! Rice paper is a name used in the west. Anhui paper is not made from rice or bamboo pulp. Rather it's from the fiber of a special tree --- Qintan tree. This tree's fiber can be peeled and grow back again and again. Because of these special fiber, top quality Xuan Paper last forever and can be re-mounted again and again with water.



Decorative Paper
for the Calligraphy and Oriental Art

Click each image to get better view.
They all are the same size

Size: W25" x H33" · · · · · · · · $8.95/each + Shipping






Embroidery Chinese Silk Halter Top
Price: $32.00





Hand Woven Cute Mini Shoes

Price: $5.00




Hand Embroidery Shoes

Price: $8.99


Beautifully Hand Carved Elephant

Price: $88.00



Sold (Set of 3)  





Hand Carved Collectible Shoes

Price: $35.00


  Hand Carved Cicada


Fine Porcelain Toothpick Holder
Made in Jingdezhen - China's porcelain capital

Size: 2.25" x 2"
Price: $8.50



Collectible Toothpick Holder

Price: $58.00





Hand Carved Toad Box
(Antique for Adult)

Price: $121.00




  Hand Carved Birds


Jade Gifts

In Chinese culture, jade symbolizes nobility, perfection, constancy, and immortality. For thousands of years, jade has been an intimate part of the lives of Chinese of all ranks and classes. Family heirlooms have always been made in jade. Jade Pei is a decoration on the belt of traditional Chinese costume. Nowadays, it has been made into necklace, key chains and car mirror decoration.

The jade items sold here are genuine and 100% real. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

  Crocodile Jade Necklace
Size: 1.15" x 2"
Price: $168.00

  Goat Jade Necklace
Size:0.7" x 1.5"
Price: $149.00




  Dog Jade Necklace
Size: 1.7" x 2"
Price: $125.00



Fortune Jade Decoration
Size: 1" x 3"
Price: $29.00





(FRONT "Longevity")

(BACK "Good Luck")

Ancient Lock Jade Pendant
Size: 0.7" x 1.15"
Price: $59.00

  Yixing Tea Set

Red Clay Tea Set w/ Calligraphy


Authentic Chinese Paper Cuts

Paper-cut has a long and profound history in Chinese culture. It symbolizes the idea of blessing, good luck and best wishes. The art is popularly used at the festivals and weddings. Because the cut outs are also used to decorate doors and windows, they are sometimes referred to "chuang hua" , meaning Window Flower.

We have many themes in stock. If you are interested, just contact us..

We recommend the Chinese Paper Cut sbe framed since they are very fine and delicate.

Price:$37.50 (With frame)   

Price: $9.99 (Without frame)



Title: "Elegant Orchid "
Artist: Deng Xiao Chu
Dimension: 14" x 27"
Description: This original Chinese Painting was signed and dated by the artist. Finished on rice paper and ready for framing.

Price: $195.00  


Title: "Patience"

Artist: Pan Wen Xun
Dimension: 13.5" x 27"
Quantity Available: 1
Description: This original work was signed and dated by the artist. Finished on rice paper and ready for framing.

Price: $95.99



Custom Chinese Calligraphy

You can use our quality Chinese calligraphy for any of your décor or as unique gift.

Our Chinese custom design includes name, phrase, short messages, tattoo art, rubber stamp, T-shirt print, etc. We translate, write your name or special words, phrase that you are interested in and frame it for you. Our frame size is usally: 8"x10" / 9"x11", but you are welcome to place a special order.

Price for any word: $5.99
(No frame included. If you need frame, please contact us for what is available and the price of framing and shipping.)

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